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“Whereby are given unto us exceeding great and precious promises: that by these ye might be partakers of the divine nature, having escaped the corruption that is in the world through lust. And beside this,giving all diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; And to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness; And to godliness brotherly kindness; and to brotherly kindness charity. For if these things be in you, and abound, they make you that ye shall neither be barren nor unfruitful in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
2 Peter 1:4-8 KJV

DateTitleMP3 DownloadRecorded PodcastCategory
September 02, 2015Faith is the VictoryListen+ Faith
August 26, 2015The Year of JubileeListen+ Knowledge
August 19, 2015Who I am in the Great I AmListen+ Knowledge
August 12, 2015Abba FatherListen+ Faith
August 05, 2015Waiting on GodListen+ Patience
August 01, 2015When the Going Gets ToughListen+ Patience
July 29, 2015What Shall I Do?Listen+ Faith
July 15, 2015We Must Prepare Our Hearts For SufferingListen+ Faith
June 24, 2015Prayers from IsaiahListen+ Faith
June 17, 2015Prayers for ProverbsListen+ Faith
June 10, 20151 Samuel PrayersListen+ Diligence
June 06, 2015PredestinationListen+ Knowledge
May 27, 2015Psalm 103 PrayersListen+ Diligence
May 20, 2015Victory 2015 FinaleListen+ Faith
May 17, 2015Questions and AnswersListen+ Knowledge
May 13, 2015140 Days Fasting and Prayer: Week 20 of 20Listen+ Patience
May 06, 2015140 Days Fasting and Prayer: Week 19 0f 20Listen+ Patience
April 29, 2015140 Days Fasting: Week 18 of 20Listen+ Patience
April 22, 2015140 Days Fasting: Week 17 of 20Listen+ Patience
April 15, 2015140 Days Fasting: Week 16 of 20Listen+ Patience
April 11, 2015The 10 Commandments Just for Israel?Listen+ Knowledge
April 08, 2015140 Days Fasting: Week 15 of 20Listen+ Patience
April 01, 2015140 Days Fasting: Week 14 of 20Listen+ Patience
March 18, 2015140 Days Fasting and Prayer Week 12 of 20Listen+ Patience
March 11, 2015140 Days Fasting and Prayer week 11 of 20Listen+ Patience
March 06, 2015Remember the Sabbath DayListen+ Knowledge
March 04, 201570 Days Fasting: Week 10 of 10Listen+ Patience
February 25, 201570 Days Fasting: Week 9 of 10Listen+ Patience
February 21, 2015Watch and Pray: the Ecumenical MovementListen+ Diligence
February 19, 2015Enduring TrialsListen+ Patience
February 18, 201570 Days Fasting: Week 8 of 10Listen+ Patience
February 12, 2015God's Time is the BestListen+ Faith
February 04, 201570 Days Fasting 6of 10Listen+ Patience
January 28, 201570 Days Fasting week 5 of 10Listen+ Patience
January 22, 2015The Prosperity GospelListen+ Knowledge
January 21, 201570 Days Week 4 of 10Listen+ Patience
January 15, 2015The Holy DaysListen+ Knowledge
January 14, 2015Victory 2015: Week 3 of 10Listen+ Patience
January 09, 2015Word of FaithListen+ Faith
January 08, 2015Victory 2015: Week 2 of 10Listen+ Patience
January 01, 2015Out of the ClosetListen+ Knowledge
December 31, 2014New Year's ResolutionListen+ Patience
December 24, 2014Year of JubileeListen+ Patience
December 18, 2014Christmas?Listen+ Knowledge
December 17, 2014Wednesday PrayersListen+ Faith
December 10, 2015My Only HopeListen+ Faith
December 04, 2014Master BuildersListen+ Knowledge
December 03, 2014Faith and TimeListen+ Faith
November 20, 2014Islam Part 3Listen+ Knowledge
November 19, 2014The Army of GodListen+ Godliness
November 13, 2014Islam Part 2Listen+ Knowledge
November 12, 2014As He Is, So Are WeListen+ Godliness
November 06, 2014Islam Part 1Listen+ Knowledge
November 05, 2014I am Ready to DieListen+ Virtue
October 30, 2014How Does Your Garden Grow?Listen+ Godliness
October 29, 2014My DelivererListen+ Faith
October 23, 2014Judge Not?Listen+ Knowledge
October 22, 2014Instant ServiceListen+ Virtue
October 19, 2014Are You Ugly?Listen+ Knowledge
October 16, 2014Resisting the Holy GhostListen+ Virtue
October 15, 2014Ultimate VictoryListen+ Patience
October 09, 2014God Opens and Closes DoorsListen+ Knowledge
October 08, 2014Unbelievers: The True Story of the 11 DisciplesListen+ Faith
October 05, 2014Breakthroughs and BlindersListen+ Faith
October 01, 2014As A Man ThinkethListen+ Knowledge
September 26, 2014Friday Phone Fellowship 9/26/14Listen+ Patience
September 24, 2014The Voice from the WhirlwindListen+ Faith
September 18, 2014Discerning the Lord's BodyListen+ Brotherly Kindness
September 17, 2014Savior, He Can Move the MountainsListen+ Faith
September 12, 2014Only BelieveListen+ Faith
September 03, 2014The Lord, He is God!Listen+ Faith
August 28, 2014My Brother's KeeperListen+ Brotherly Kindness
August 27, 2014What the Enemy Plans for Evil, Will be Turned to Our GoodListen+ Knowledge
August 21, 2014Hope: Anchor of the SoulListen+ Faith
August 20, 2014The Blessings of GodListen+ Knowledge
August 13, 2014Serving Two MastersListen+ Knowledge
August 07, 2014Wake Up Thou Man of GodListen+ Virtue
August 06, 2014The Kingdom of Heaven is in YouListen+ Godliness
August 02, 2014Keeping yourself UnspottedListen+ Diligence
July 31, 2014Called vs. ChosenListen+ Knowledge
July 30, 2014God is Making things NewListen+ Knowledge
July 23, 2014Freedom: Every Person's DreamListen+ Knowledge
July 17, 2014God Moves MountainsListen+ Faith
July 16, 2014The Heart is DeceitfulListen+ Knowledge
July 10, 2014Paul the Chief Sinner?Listen+ Knowledge
July 03, 2014Beyond the CrossListen+ Knowledge
July 02, 2014I Will Not Fail the Grace of GodListen+ Faith
June 26, 2014Pretrib Rapture: A Popular LieListen+ Knowledge
June 25, 2014What People Want, What People NeedListen+ Temperance
June 19, 2014Holy Trinity: Truth or Error?Listen+ Knowledge
June 18, 2014Create in Me a Clean HeartListen+ Diligence
June 15, 2014You are the Light of the WorldListen+ Faith
June 12, 2014Witchcraft in the ChurchListen+ Knowledge
June 11, 2014Fresh VisionListen+ Faith
June 05, 2014Holy Ghost BaptismListen+ Knowledge
June 04, 2014Walk Worthy of GodListen+ Godliness
May 29, 2014Gifts of the Holy Ghost are for TodayListen+ Knowledge
May 28, 2014Faith is the VictoryListen+ Faith
May 22, 2014Life of Jesus Christ in YouListen+ Knowledge
May 21, 2014The Pearl of Great PriceListen+ Faith
May 16, 2014Bending the Ear of GodListen+ Godliness
May 15, 2014The Body of Jesus ChristListen+ Knowledge
May 14, 2014The Blessing of AbrahamListen+ Knowledge
May 10, 2014Six Days Shalt Thou WorkListen+ Knowledge
May 10, 2014God Knows BestListen+ Knowledge
May 07, 2014Ministers of the New TestamentListen+ Virtue
May 04, 2014A Mind Like ChristListen+ Godliness
May 01, 2014Commandments of Men: EasterListen
April 30, 2014Redeemed from the Curse IIListen+ Knowledge
April 23, 2014Redeemed from the CurseListen+ Knowledge
April 16, 2014I with the Finger of GodListen+ Godliness
April 09, 2014A World of IniquityListen+ Godliness
April 05, 2014As He IsDownload+ Knowledge
April 03, 2014Hid in ChristListen+ Knowledge
March 26, 2014Teach My HandsListen+ Knowledge
March 19, 2014The Destiny HuntersListen+ Knowledge
March 12, 2014DistractionsListen+ Temperance
March 05, 2014Is this the Fast?Listen+ Patience
February 26, 2014Making the Cross of None EffectListen+ Diligence
February 19, 2014Faith is the VictoryListen+ Faith
February 05, 2014You are an OvercomerListen+ Faith
January 29, 2014Flames of FireListen+ Godliness
January 22, 2014The Name of the LordListen+ Knowledge
January 19, 2014Division in the HouseListen+ Brotherly Kindness
January 15, 2014New Year - New Life in ChristListen+ Charity
January 01, 2014New Year PrayersListen+ Charity
December 18, 2013Give Glory Unto GodListen+ Knowledge
December 11, 2013God Will Take Care of YouListen+ Knowledge
December 07, 2013Treasure in Earthen VesselsDownload+ Godliness
December 06, 2013Let us Labor for ChristListen+ Diligence
December 05, 2013The Weapons of Our Warfare: PraiseListen+ Knowledge
December 04, 2013The Purpose of this WasteListen+ Charity
November 27, 2013The Rock PillowListen+ Temperance
November 20, 2013Is it a Time to Receive?Listen+ Godliness
November 13, 2013God, Our Strong TowerListen+ Knowledge
November 06, 2013Wednesday PrayerListen+ Charity
November 01, 2013Our BirthrightDownload+ Patience
October 30, 2013Fake it Until You Make it?Listen+ Knowledge
October 23, 2013Unconditional SurrenderListen+ Knowledge
October 16, 2013Greater WorksListen+ Virtue
October 09, 2013Our Great ResponsibilityListen+ Diligence
October 03, 2013Fulfill Your DestinyListen+ Patience
September 25, 2013Abundant Life 3Listen+ Faith
September 18, 2013Abundant Life 2Listen+ Faith
September 04, 2013Abundant LifeListen+ Faith
August 28, 2013Take it by Force 2Listen+ Virtue
August 21, 2013Take it by ForceListen+ Virtue
August 14, 2013Don't Feed the LionsListen+ Knowledge
August 07, 2013Come CleanListen+ Godliness
August 03, 2013Spiritual WarfareDownload+ Faith
July 28, 2013The Year of JubileDownload+ Patience
February 09, 2013I Will Prove YouDownload+ Godliness
November 17, 2012Supply and DemandDownload+ Faith
October 20, 2012Where are you GoingDownload+ Knowledge
September 15, 2012Twofold Sons of HellDownload+ Virtue
September 15, 2012What do you See?Download+ Knowledge
September 09, 2012TrialsDownload+ Patience
September 09, 2012Meet EveDownload+ Knowledge
August 11, 2012Producing VirtueDownload+ Virtue
August 25, 2012Meet AdamDownload+ Knowledge
August 04, 2012The Righteous are Scarcely Saved - Not Barely SavedDownload+ Diligence
July 28, 2012Are you Hungry?Download+ Diligence
July 21, 2012We are the BodyDownload+ Brotherly Kindness
July 21, 2012Men of High DegreeDownload+ Knowledge
July 07, 2012God with YouDownload+ Godliness
July 07, 2012Who I am in the Great I AmDownload+ Knowledge
June 23, 2012EntangledDownload+ Knowledge
June 16, 2012The Patience of the SaintsDownload+ Patience
June 09, 2012He Must IncreaseDownload+ Godliness
June 03, 2012The Mind of ChristDownload+ Godliness
June 03, 2012What do you want to be when you grow up?Download+ Godliness
June 03, 2012Satan's WaysDownload+ Knowledge
June 03, 2012SincerityDownload+ Virtue
March 24, 2012Rebellion and the Benefits of ObedienceDownload+ Knowledge
March 17, 2012One Day at a TimeDownload+ Patience
March 10, 2012Sons and DaughtersDownload+ Faith
March 10, 2012Two GarmentsDownload+ Virtue
March 03, 2012The Love of GodDownload+ Faith
February 05, 2012The Lord our RighteousnessDownload+ Godliness
February 05, 2012Promises of GodDownload+ Faith
January 23, 2012The Shield of FaithDownload+ Faith
January 16, 2012What are You Looking at?Download+ Knowledge
January 16, 2012Receiving the BrethrenDownload+ Brotherly Kindness
January 16, 2012Body of ChristDownload+ Brotherly Kindness
January 16, 2012On FaithDownload+ Faith
December 17, 2011Galatians (part 2)Download+ Knowledge
December 03, 2011Alone or Not Alone?Download+ Knowledge
December 03, 2011Risen with ChristDownload+ Knowledge
November 26, 2011A Convergence of EventsDownload+ Diligence
November 19, 2011Talk is CheapDownload+ Virtue
November 19, 2011God's MercyDownload+ Knowledge
November 19, 2011On PatriotismDownload+ Knowledge
November 05, 2011Except you be Converted...Download+ Godliness
November 05, 2011The Judas ArgumentDownload+ Knowledge
October 09, 2011GuileDownload+ Virtue
October 09, 2011The Subtlety of SatanDownload+ Knowledge
September 23, 2011God is Our HelpDownload+ Faith
September 23, 2011The Glory of GodDownload+ Knowledge
September 17, 2011Sow Iniquity, Reap VanityDownload+ Temperance
September 03, 2011Make the Tree GoodDownload+ Godliness
September 03, 2011Galatians: Thy Hypocrites Ace in the Hole part 1Download+ Knowledge
August 27, 2011Ruling your HouseholdDownload+ Temperance
August 27, 2011Rule Your Spirit, Overcome the DevilDownload+ Temperance
August 20, 2011Jehovah NissiDownload+ Faith
August 20, 2011Holding a LieDownload+ Virtue
August 13, 2011The Temple of GodDownload+ Knowledge
August 06, 2011Where are all the People?Download+ Knowledge
August 13, 2011Where are all the People? Part 2Download+ Knowledge
July 30, 2011Righteousness, Temperance, JudgementDownload+ Temperance
July 30, 2011How to Praise GodDownload+ Knowledge
July 23, 2011Where is Jesus?Download+ Knowledge
July 23, 2011One with God , One with AnotherDownload+ Brotherly Kindness
July 16, 2011Race RelationsDownload+ Brotherly Kindness
July 16, 2011Jehovah JirehDownload+ Faith
July 08, 2011Perfect PeopleDownload+ Godliness
July 02, 2011StrangersDownload+ Godliness
June 26, 2011Rise Up and BuildDownload+ Diligence
June 26, 2011The Bond of IniquityDownload+ Temperance
May 22, 2011Stunted GrowthDownload+ Diligence
March 27, 2011Avoiding a Mighty FallDownload+ Diligence
March 20, 2011We Have Our Part to PlayDownload+ Diligence
January 29, 2011Patience Part 2Download+ Patience
November 06, 2010Bro Brad Message 11-6-10Download+ Charity
October 30, 2010Bro Brad Message 10-30-10Download+ Charity
October 16, 2010Bro Brad Message 10-16-10Download+ Charity
September 25, 2010Bro Brad Message 9-25-2010Download+ Charity
July 31, 2010DiligenceDownload+ Diligence
July 24, 2010The Whole Head is SickDownload+ Knowledge
July 17, 2010I Will Be With Thy MouthDownload+ Faith
July 10, 2010Much is Given, Much is RequiredDownload+ Knowledge
July 05, 2010Judgement Begins in the House of GodDownload+ Knowledge
July 04, 2010The Direction of GodDownload+ Knowledge
June 04, 2010The Mystery of IniquityDownload+ Godliness
May 29, 2010DissimulationDownload+ Brotherly Kindness
April 24, 2010Jesus is Coming, Are you Ready?Download+ Godliness
April 10, 2010BlamelessDownload+ Godliness
April 01, 2010The Laws of Nature and the Nature of God Part IIDownload+ Godliness
April 01, 2010Names of God Part 1Download+ Knowledge
April 01, 2010Names of God Part IIDownload+ Knowledge
April 01, 2010Names of God Part IIIDownload+ Knowledge
March 01, 2010The Love of the TruthDownload+ Godliness
March 01, 2010DeceitDownload+ Virtue
March 01, 2010The Gospel of Jesus ChristDownload+ Knowledge
March 01, 2010The Kingdom of our GodDownload+ Knowledge
March 01, 2010DoorsDownload+ Knowledge
March 01, 2010The Great CommissionDownload+ Knowledge
March 01, 2010The Few of God part 1Download+ Godliness
March 01, 2010The Few of God part IIDownload+ Godliness
March 01, 2010Doers of the WordDownload+ Godliness
March 01, 2010Caught in a NetDownload+ Knowledge
March 01, 2010Garment of PraiseDownload+ Godliness
March 01, 2010Are You Overcoming the World or is the World Overcoming You?Download+ Godliness
March 01, 2010Apostle Paul: The Chief Sinner?Download+ Knowledge
March 01, 2010Count It All JoyDownload+ Patience
March 01, 2010Seek Ye FirstDownload+ Godliness
March 01, 2010More Than SparrowsDownload+ Faith
March 01, 2010Whosever WillDownload+ Knowledge
March 01, 2010TimeDownload+ Diligence
March 01, 2010Neglect